Westworld Season 3 Part 1 (Ep. 1-3) Review & Evaluation

September 27th, 2020

"You said they built the world to be a game and then they rigged it. To make sure they always won." Caleb says to the voice of his closest friend Francis. Season 3 is upon us as the Riddikulus Crew makes its's way through this storied series! With an upgrade to a an already star-studded cast; The additions of Aaron Paul, Kid Cudi, Marshawn Lynch and Michael Ealy make this season a must see for all fans! With Dolores having time out in the real world to put her plan in motion, Bernard looking for ways to save both species and a system that can strategize outcomes to predict future occurrences for both the planet and the people, Chase & Josh have their hands full as they dissect the positives and negatives Season 3 produced. With a new super villain that happens to be the richest man in the world, the action doesn't stop. As Engerraund Serac tells Maeve "We are in the middle of a war and I need your help to win it."

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