Westworld Season 1 Part 3 (Ep. 8-10) Review & Evaluation

August 30th, 2020

"Out. You both keep assuming that I want out. Whatever that is. If it's such a wonderful place out there, why are you all clamoring to get in here?" Dolores asks Logan and William. Join the Riddikulus Crew as we finish up with Season 1 before we board the train to Season 2! The center of the maze, Robert Ford 's new narrative, Maeve's new journey, Dolores has a secret and Bernard is caught in the middle of it all. How does it unfold? Is it all just a story? Are the hosts beginning to develop free will, does Delos have a larger secret kept under rug? Stick with Chase & Josh here at Fact or Fantasy and you will find out! as Robert Ford tells Bernard, "In order to escape this place, you will need to suffer more."

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