Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone: Review & Evaluation Part 1

October 18th, 2020

"Remember, Firenze, we are sworn not to set ourselves against the heavens. Have we not read what is to come in the movements of the planets?" Bane the centaur says to Firenze. The arc you have all been waiting for is here at last, the Riddikulus Crew takes on the Harry Potter franchise from now until the end of 2020, closing out the very first season of Chase & Josh: Fact or Fantasy! Starting with the first book and movie The Sorcerer's Stone, Chase & Josh will take you on a journey into the hidden depths of this series. We outline 5 major points to cover for each installment of the Harry Potter Franchise. 1) Favorite & Significant Moments 2) Foreshadowed Events 3) Plot Holes & Discrepancies 4) Top 5 Magical Creatures for each book/movie 5) Interesting Facts. So grab your broomsticks and your wands and enjoy the holiday season because we kick off this saga in style with a 4 HOUR PREMIERE!! We saved the best for last folks, so let's have some fun and we will see you at Hogwarts. In the words of Firenze the centaur, " Good luck, Harry Potter. The planets have been read wrongly before now, even by centaurs. I hope this is one of those times."

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