Fact or Fantasy’s Season 1 Finale: The Harry Potter Series Rankings

August 1st, 2021

"You'll stay with me?" asked Harry.

"Until the very end," said James.


The time has come to close out the inaugural season of Chase & Josh: Fact or Fantasy and what a ride it has been. This amazing journey began by opening up our show with the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie rankings, to jumping into space taking part in the Star Wars, then spinning off to the Outer Rim with Mando, to tossing a coin to our Witcher in the valley of plenty, followed by surviving The Long Night #ForTheThrone, to heading out west while questioning the nature of our reality with our favorite lifelike hosts, and finally wrapping up this wild first season by attending Hogwarts, learning some magic and saving the Wizarding World with Harry, Ron & Hermione. The Riddikulus Crew wanted to conclude Season 1 by doing something special and delivering a fan-favorite rankings episode, which would bring everything full circle (something we are quite fond of here at Fact or Fantasy) finishing exactly how we started or "opening at the close".  In this episode, Chase & Josh put together 10 categorized rankings and defend their selections in this can't miss season finale! So follow along one last time for this season and see what you agree or disagree with as we bring this epic Harry Potter arc to an end in style.  Thank you so much for being the shields that guard the realms of fantasy, for all the support and loyalty, for bringing this from an unknown fun hobby to a globally ranked podcast, and most importantly, thank you for making us a part of your life with the time you've spent listening to Chase & Josh: Fact or Fantasy. We'll catch you all down the road for Season 2, but in the words of our favorite Marauders, all that's left to say about Season 1 is....


"Mischief Managed."

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