Fact or Fantasy Season 2 Premiere: State of the Union, Introducing S2 Topics & New Implementations

October 10th, 2021

The boys are BACK!!

Season 2 of Chase & Josh: Fact or Fantasy is finally here and we are thrilled to have you all join us once again! In this Season 2 Premiere episode, the Riddikulus Crew details what it was like to put a full season of podcasting in the books, introduce the topics that are on the docket for us to cover, talk about some of the new changes and additions to the show and how we are going to improve from Season 1, and then close out with a fun rankings portion for your enjoyment.  Since we are changing the dynamic of the agenda and how new episodes and topics will be announced and structured, this season premiere is a can't miss/must see! 

The return is at hand.

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